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 Meeso Communications H.265X video coding technology
change the security landscape

The so-called core strength is often a technology that requires long-term investment and difficult to achieve results with it.
Today we use a comprehensible method to introduce to everyone a core and crucial technology that is neglected by most people—Video Coding and Decoding Technology.
First of all, below a picture to visually express the differences in the capabilities of each coding technology.

First, why the cost is lower?
Different encoding formats will result in very different code rates, the corresponding network bandwidth and server forwarding video stream are also different, which will take more than 5% of the cost.
Therefore, different encoding formats and different bit rates are equivalent to different types of vehicles at high-speed way. Compared to large trucks, fuel consumption of small cars is naturally lower.

Secondly, why Meeso Communications delivers the picture in a second?
With the same picture quality, what is the root reason of the fast imaging?
With different coding and different code rates, the occupancy of the network bandwidth is also different, and the adaptability to various network environments is also different.
In addition, Meeso Communications is devoted to video coding technology to effectively reduce the bit rate, and it can quickly produce images in a bad network environment and low bandwidth.
Imagine a motorcycle and a truck, the speed of the motorcycle is certainly exceeds the truck!

Thirdly, why the experience with Meeso Communications is so good?
With the use of the latest technology, Meeso's products are able to produce an image quickly and clearly while reducing the bit rate, being less affected by the network. Just like on the high-speed roads, if the traffic conditions are not smooth or blocked, motorcycles and cars are much more convenient than large trucks while changing lanes, shifting, and overtaking others.  

Witness the miracle of H.265X
H.265X is highly integrated with H.265, artificial intelligence, and H.264+. It identifies noise and other interference signals, and increases the bandwidth for real target, making the allocation of video bandwidth more efficient. Compared with H.264, H.265X has same price but decreases about 40% of bit rates.
As the latest technology of Meeso Communications, H.265X has the advantages of low bit rate and low cost, it will surely stand out in the new round of market competition and achieve a new leap.